Coaching Testimonials

“Coaching with Harriet is a game changer. Her unique perspective as a casting director gives actors a distinct strategic advantage. She knows how to break down a script and deliver an audition that works. How does she do this? She knows what casting, directors and producers want to see. Harriet coached our son Connor from day one and continues to do so, playing a vital role in his ongoing success.  As a parent, I suggest making Harriet an important part of your child’s team.”

Connor Esterson

Actor, Booked the lead in the new "Spy Kids" movie for Netflix.

“Harriet is an amazing coach and I absolutely love her! She always makes time to fit you into her schedule.  From drama to comedy and everything in between she has you covered. She teaches you how to incorporate you into your character. She wants you to feel confident in the role even if that means pushing you to get it right. She expects your best and she gives her best. Harriet helped me find my confidence and brought out the best in me. I can’t tell you how much her support has helped my acting career and I could not be more grateful to her.”

Megan Stott

Actor, Litttle Fires Everywhere

“Working with Harriet Greenspan provided not only a foundation in acting for me, but also made me feel secure to explore and boldly step into a new characters. I felt safe to take chances when preparing for roles, especially the role of “Onion” in “The Good Lord Bird”. She coached me with patience and prepared me every step of the way. Forever grateful for her gift.”

Joshua Caleb Johnson

Actor, Good Lord Bird

“Working with Harriet has completely changed the way I view acting, she teaches you BEYOND what is on the text— she makes the subtle nuances come alive in your acting which makes it that much more authentic & different than the people you are auditioning against. With complex variation & multiple ways to perform a scene, Harriet leaves you ready and prepared to book the part! I booked a lead role in a web series because the director LOVED all of the various ways I performed the scene; with Harriet’s help I was able to do this! 10/10 would recommend to anyone aspiring to take their career to the next level :)”

Micheal Marcelio


“We love working with Harriet. My son Logan has learned so much and grown tremendously as a young actor. She challenges him and stretches him. We love her honesty. Her feedback is genuine and makes him work harder. His reps have made a point to tell us how much he has developed while working with her.”

Logan Bailey


“I have been working with Harriet for several years on audition scripts and comedic timing. Gosh, to simply say I have learned a lot from her would be an understatement! Harriet understands comedy deeply and can find the funny in everything. What makes her excellent is her ability to teach it. Harriet is known for her no nonsense performance notes. I love this about her because she gets right to the point, explains it, and then is supportive and patient while I work through it.”

Luca Alexander


“Ever since meeting Harriet and gaining her guidance and wisdom in this industry, I have literally made nothing but tremendous progress. I met Harriet at the beginning of my acting journey. Coaching with her has led to tremendous growth in both my comedic timing and dramatic acting skills. Harriet gave me the motivation to push myself which ultimately helped me land a series regular role on Disney Channel’s Sydney to the Max. Harriet continues to provide me with spot on direction and a deep understanding of both the actor and casting director’s perspective. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and look forward to her advice and direction in the years ahead. Harriet …You are literally the BEST!”

Jackson Dollinger

Actor, Sydney to the Max

Workshop Testimonials

“Thank you so much for the awesome workshop today! It made me realize how much I have missed being in an actual audition room and it was so helpful getting real life notes from an awesome Casting Director!!!! Harriet your feedback was really helpful and I learned a lot from watching all of my fellow actors perform. It made me super psyched for my next audition. Until we meet again!!!”

Dereje Tarrant


“Awesome! We learned so much from your workshop and your wonderful book!”

Elohim Davoren

Actor, w/Mercedes Davoren (mother)

“Thank you so much for teaching this workshop! I enjoyed it very much and felt it was very informational. To be honest, I was really nervous because it was my first workshop since Covid but Harriet made me feel safe and welcome, so thank you for that. One thing in particular that I learned was to send two perfect takes of my self tapes to my reps and let them choose the best one. I believe this is a wonderful idea! Thanks again for your time and kindness.”

Isabelle Langford


“I loved your class! This workshop, apart from any other I’ve taken, taught me that casting directors “look at your eyes.” They can see if I’m thinking about my lines, or if I am in the moment and I have become the character. This will help me so much as I prepare for the audition and in my self tapes. Thank you so much, I have been a big fan of yours, so it was exciting to meet in person.”

Avery King


“Hi Harriet! Zata loved your class! She said she learned a lot from the way you directed and worked with the other actors. She also really enjoyed the way you made her rework her own scene by taking the time to think about what the character was eating and how much she was enjoying it in relation to how much Zata loves her own favorite food. Thank you so much!”

Zata Fray

Actor, w/The Frays (family)

Hi Harriet! I learned so much from your workshop and had so much fun working on my script! Thank you so much! I had a great time!

Shiloh Bearman


“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Harriet. It is such a treat each time I’m able to work with you. I so appreciate your quality coaching and insight in the business of acting.”

Curtia Torbert


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